Episode 2 – Shitposting Science Fiction

Titus Flavius

It is our great honor to invite you, our lovely, lecherous listener for yet another sybaritic slosh in the shivery shallows of our Trough.

This evening, we turn our browneyes forward—to Man’s fantastic Future of transcultural tolerance!

This tome of titillating tales is guaranteed to send a shiver down your willy! Shake twice and check your zipper! Pucker your cornhole for Tales from the Trough!

Tonight’s yiff yarns:

1. Invitation of the Body Snatchers
2. The Succratic Dialogue
3. The Colored out of Space
4. Elsalysium
5. Blade Runner 2069 or Do Randroids Dream of Electric Rape?
6. Mystery Meat
7. 23AndMe… And Me
8. Terra Nullius