In Defense of Transgress

Titus Flavius



A universal theme among the dissident right is our rejection of modernity, or more accurately, post-modernity. The anti-logos that permeates the totality of the clown world within which we are forced to reside needs to be rejected, but the process must begin with a notion of this system and how it came to be. Lack of this knowledge is a hamartia, a gross underappreciation that limits our reach and influence.

To be a reactionary against the current climate is to be a traditionalist, to live in accordance with the Universal Order, to be married and to have children. As difficult as it may be—for there are limitless obstacles in our path—we know this to be instinctively right. One does not need statistics proving beyond a measure of a doubt that children are best raised in two parent households, and one does not necessarily need religion to inform them of the sacredness and awesome power of sexuality.

We see the inversion of these principles paraded constantly and we have reacted, going against the strain out of a longing for truth and disdain for the grotesque. For whatever reason we have found ourselves here, whether it be by conversion or through our innate inability to be convinced by this horror show. We are here and we have decided correctly on opposition. We’re half right.

What I’m proposing is not an adaptation of modernity but to adapt the levers of modernity to suit our interests. Morality and decency are well and good when we are operating within a system that rewards such upright behavior, but currently they stand as liabilities. Transgression was path of the enemy toward power over us and is the first thread that we need to pull which will begin to unweave this unholy tapestry.

Tools are not judged properly by morality but by their own efficacy. One does not question the moral standing of a hammer; a cultural instrument should also avoid such questioning.

The sitcoms of the post-war period have done more lasting damage to our nation than the bombs that fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. More were injured and fatally wounded as a result of the promotion of divorce, abortion, drug use, gay rights and civil rights than the two hundred thousand evaporated and burned in those decimated cities. Talk about a weapon of mass destruction; don’t look to the atom bomb, look to your television.

Culture is a cudgel used to beat an enemy to death and, instead of wielding culture, we have been taking the beating. So what am I proposing? We must adopt these transgressive tactics and recognize that some of our strategies hitherto employed have been a hindrance.

Dr. Goebbels similarly succeeded in the Herculean task of converting Red Berlin to National Socialism. He remarked in his diaries that the average Berliner was not a political ideologue; what drew his or her attention was spectacle, not some grand thesis. He played his theory out and, seven short years later, his efforts helped usher in the greatest government that ever existed.  Gunter d’Alquen, the editor-in-chief of Das Schwarze Korps, wrote in 1937:  “We scoffed at an entire system and brought it down with resounding laughter.”

To transgress against a system as a means of seeking its destruction should be a universal stratagem. We need to recognize that statistics and traditional yearnings should not be employed as exoteric truths. The common man sees in statistics only numbers. When he hears of tradition, he’s unable to be empathetically drawn to it—it is as foreign to him as Mandarin. Speaking his language, understanding the world as he does, means being able to manipulate his conditioning to suit our benefit. Moral conservatism has been labeled by our occupational culture as mundane, boring and stupid. Promoting traditional virtues can only be successful when preached as esoteric truth. How many on the dissident right rediscovered their faith through our ideology, versus how many discovered our ideology through their faith? I would wager everything that the former category outweighs the latter by a significant margin.

Chan culture was my introduction to this mode of thnking. I am also an urbanite, so the techniques and tactics I’m promoting here are rooted (like all things) in bias. Different approaches work for different regions filled with different people. I would not recommend promoting Nazi Dadaism in either of the Virginias or the rural areas of this country. However, the transgression principle still stands. Any white man or woman, save for race traitors and mental invalids, should be considered a potential recruit.

Awakening the soul of the common man means tearing down the edifices that have been constructed to stifle it. Attack, attack and attack again. Mock, humiliate, misbehave and have a fun time doing it. Carlin, that loopy senile bastard, had seven dirty words; we have fourteen. While the enemy attacked positions of power and found them unguarded, we must prepare to launch ourselves against heavy fortifications. You’re a dissident—start acting like it! Operate in the world as it is and do not hope for another; only through willpower and blood will it be made any different.