Episode 30: AIDS – Cause and Effect



HIV/AIDS, which by the late 1980s had come to dominate media stories in the United States concerning a growing epidemic, has ever since remained a consistent topic of American and increasingly world health officials as the disease has spread globally – particularly throughout sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia. What is less talked about, however, is the sharp contrast in how certain populations are much more likely to contract the disease, in particular the homosexual community, compared to the general population. Despite less than 1% of the American population having HIV, the disease receives over 5 times the funding per person as does cancer, which is more than 10 times as common – raising questions as to why a special group receives such disproportionate funding over others.

With very special guest Cathedral Princess @drcathyprince
from the Darwin Digest

— Timeline —

1976- Norwegian sailor Arvid Noe dies after frequenting prostitutes in ports in Africa
1977- Danish physician Grethe Rask dies after performing surgeries in Africa
1978- “Faggots” released by (((Larry Kramer)))
1980- syndrome starting to be prospectively ID’d
1981- clusters of pneumonia & Kaposi’s Sarcoma ID’d in groups of gay men
1982- Gay Men’s Health Crisis founded, AIDS defined as a thing
1982- CDC changes classification of syndrome from GRIDS to AIDS
1983- HIV first isolated in patient in France
1983- (((Larry Kramer))) resigns from GMHC on the theory they’re not political enough
1985- first available HIV test. “The Normal Heart” released
1987- ACT UP founded
1987- AZT drug first offered
1988- Surgeon General sends report on AIDS to all 107 million US households
1988- World Health Organization declares World AIDS Day
1992- combination therapy / drug cocktail developed

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